Training Courses

All courses are intended for Apple Mac users who are using iPhoto or, more importantly, Apple’s big brother to iPhoto, Aperture.  We are Apple Aperture 3 Certified which means we know how to use the product to the fullest.  Aperture is just one part of your total workflow.  Essentially, what workflow  is all about is taking what you photograph to a final product such as a web album, book, printed photo, brochure or slide show. In between there are a number of considerations you need to allow for such as storage, backup, editing, accidents like bad edits or loss of file, colour consistency, cataloging and being able to access your photos for the future.

Certified Pro Aptr3 Lvl1 blk

If you are reading this then there is a good chance you are an Apple Mac owner which means you are off to a good start as the Mac is a brilliant tool for developing your photography.

To attend our courses you do not need to bring anything except something to take a few notes on – everything else is supplied.  All courses are held in the evening starting at 6.30pm.


1)   From the Beginning – this course assumes you are starting from the beginning and are simply not sure where to start.  The only prerequisite for this course is that you understand the basics of your Apple Mac. i.e. how to use the mouse, navigate around the screen and use a few simple programs.  We introduce you to some of the ‘must knows’ of the machine and some tricks.  How to set yourself up for photography and show you what programs you should consider.

Class duration is 3 hours at a cost of $95.


2)   Aperture 3 Level I Course – Introduces you to the features and benefits of Aperture 3.  We visit how to set up your environment and then look at sorting and cataloging ALL your photos you have collected.  Then we carry out a number of edits that get you on your way to improving the quality and getting ready to print at your favourite photo printer.

Class duration is 2 x 3 hour sessions at a total of $149.


3)   Aperture 3 Level II Course – You must have completed the Level I course in order to undertake this course.  In this course we go much deeper into processing photos and look at the other alternatives to bureau printing such as books and publishing to web sites such as Facebook and Flickr.  We also take a closer look at sharing Aperture libraries, NAS Storage, archiving for the future, add-on such as Photoshop and various plug-ins.

Class duration is 2 x 3 hour sessions at a total of $189.


If you have any questions please feel free to send us an email – Questions