Photography has been a passion of mine since the early 1960s with my first camera being a Box Brownie from Kodak. The passion became an obsession when I bought my first digital camera in the early ’90s. Back then I was running a marketing department producing monthly publications for customers and in an environment dominated by film transparencies and negatives.


Since that time, 30 years ago, I have undertaken to stay on top of the knowledge tree.  As a Phase One Certified Professional I use and promote both the Phase One medium format range of professional cameras and their catalog and RAW editor Capture One Pro 20.


Street and travel photography are also a personal favourite, as you will realise viewing my site.  In that area I mainly support and endorse the Fujifilm professional X series of mirrorless cameras and lenses.  Again, all out of camera cataloging and editing is done with Capture One Pro 20.